Orange Box Do Office Chair


The pinnacle of modern office chair design. The Do chair is iconic, with patrons across the globe. Its unique look is professional and attractive, and its contoured shape has been designed to benefit the user’s wellbeing.

Orangebox products are ergonomically beneficial, environmentally responsible and stylish. Do is their most sold and most recognisable range, built to be simple and easy to use. The unit is multi-functional yet user friendly. This is achieved through Orangebox’s years of research on efficient modern design.

Do’s unique design includes an adjustable lumbar pad. It affects the contours of the back panel, ensuring great comfort for all users. Easy to reach, the pad can be adjusted by 100mm while the user is sat in the chair. The ergonomic curve is designed to support the correct sitting position. An improved posture is proven to benefit blood flow and reduce risk of long-term health conditions.

Standard Do models use a weight balancing synchronous mechanism. This encourages movement throughout the day with up to 20° recline. A travel limiter can be added which allows the chair to be locked upright or in one of three recline positions. The travel limiter is pre-built into the chair, requiring no assembly, but must be purchased alongside the product.

Do chairs offer both height and depth seat adjustment. This is operated through two under-seat levers. The Do chair has a large height variation of 130mm. Its steel barrel gas lift is durable and the full chair can be disassembled for servicing.

This product can be custom built with additional extras. A polished aluminium base is available which is appealing in the modern office. A width adjustment is available for the arms which will benefit larger users. U-adjustable 4D arms can be added to provide additional comfort through height and rotation. These adjustable features help the chair cater to the needs of multiple users. The standard arms are adjustable and gel filled for comfort. Arms colour match to the backrest and can differ in height by 100mm. Office Furniture Direct also supply an armless Do task chair variant.

Versatile and intelligent, Do is also innovative in terms of the materials used. Components are recyclable and Orangebox has minimised their carbon footprint. Their supply line is locally based and they are gold sustainability certified.

The Do’s seamless fabric upholstery can be colour customised. The colour range blends well into the modern environment. The moulded foam lining is highly heat resilient and the back ‘technical’ mesh is durable. With a 5 year guarantee, the Do chair will prove a long-lasting professional seating solution.

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